Malware Solution Whitepaper

Real-Time Malware Protection for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions and businesses involving Internet banking, online brokerage, alternative payment solutions or e-commerce websites in particular face a growing number of targeted attacks. These online banks and their customers are the targets of focused hacking attempts from fraudsters who are constantly trying to execute fraudulent transactions, often resulting in losses amounting to millions of dollars. The attacks come in the form of Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) Trojans, viruses, key-loggers, rootkits, browser redirection and other malware.  
Read about growing cybercrime threats and ways to mitigate their risks, including:
  • How cybercriminals use legitimate customers as unknowing assistants to launch attacks
  • How HTML injection can circumvent two-factor authentication procedures  
  • When anti-virus tools are insufficient protection against zero-day attacks
  • Why integrated solutions for cloud and client-based malware detection seamlessly mitigate malware risk

This white paper -- "Real-Time Malware Protection for Financial Institutions and Banking Customers" -- explains how financial institutions can mitigate the risk of evne the most sophisticated malware and prevent fraud in a minimally invasive manner.

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