New technologies promise to prevent online fraud with non-invasive methods that identify scammers before they can attack.

With over 80 percent of consumers concerned about online fraud, isn't it time to take a look?

In this exclusive report from the Ponemon Institute, privacy expert Larry Ponemon's survey of more than 500 respondents offers valuable insights on Internet fraud, privacy, device fingerprinting, security, cookies, and passwords. This detailed report includes the perceived effect of anti-fraud technology on consumer privacy, and what information consumers would share to protect their data.

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  • Input from over 500 consumers on hot topics like fraud, privacy, security, and much more
  • How fraud has already affected customers and their ongoing concerns about online commerce and transactions
  • What respondents want from online merchants, and what they are willing to provide to be protected online
  • The most acceptable methods of device authentication, including feedback on fingerprinting, cookies, passwords and more
  • How the "bad guys" are getting smarter—and how easy it's gotten to fake an identity

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Exclusive Ponemon Institute survey report.More than 500 respondents' views on Internet fraud, privacy, device fingerprinting, security, cookies, passwords—and what information they'd be willing to share in order to fingerprint their devices.