It’s getting harder, and more important, to know the difference between customers and fraudsters.

Find out why hackers now have more opportunity, accessibility and anonymity then ever before, making fraud a top concern for consumers, governments, and businesses, worldwide.

Learn about the 3 key ways to avoid fraud in an executive primer: “Using Device ID for Fraud Prevention” from industry leader ThreatMetrix—plus find out why device detection has become the preferred solution for keeping customer data safe.  

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  • How to identify fraudsters by their behavior and before they access private data 
  • The eight unique advantages of device identification and how it can fit the unique needs of your company
  • How a device fingerprint can identify patterns that might go undetected—but could indicate a threat
  • Why your customers could benefit from a non-invasive, secure solution that is convenient and effective

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Executive Primer: “Executive Primer: Using Device ID for Fraud Prevention”
Get the big picture of how device fingerprinting works, how it can stop fraud, and why your customers will benefit.