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The Cost to eCommerce from Credit Card Data Breaches

Credit card breaches both large and small are increasing in frequency. Even if your business is not the direct victim of a breach, you may bear the cost through increased fraud losses and chargeback fees. Whether the card data is collected by hacking into a database or by placing a skimmer on an in-store card reader, the compromised card data is sold on the open market to fraudsters who make purchases on your site.

Attend our webinar, “The Cost to Online Business from Credit Card Data Breaches”, to learn what you can do to minimize the costs to your business when a breach occurs, without slowing down your business or impacting trusted customers.

Topics to be covered include:

• Methods used by cybercriminals to collect credit card data
• How stolen card data is sold through online marketplaces
• Why breaches increase costs to your business
• Solutions to detect fraudsters in real time without impacting customers    


Mustafa Rassiwala, Sr. Director of Product Management, ThreatMetrix, Inc.

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