Introducing the ThreatMetrix Fraud Network

Every organization that transacts with a customer online must answer two critical questions: “can I trust them,” and “are they who they say they are.” Today, every company transacting online faces this challenge of authenticating a customer, transaction or visitor in isolation while they fight the collective threat of well-equipped, networked, and technology-sophisticated organized criminals.

Fraud prevention is a double-edge sword. For every additional field required or verification step a customer is forced to enter, whether it’s a lead generation form or shopping cart page there is always a corresponding drop in conversion due to abandonment. This revenue challenge is also compounded by false rejections once a transaction is completed. For every accepted fraudulent order, three to four times the number of domestic credit card transactions is rejected, rising to an average of 10% of all international orders rejected due to suspicion of fraud.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn:
  • How today's online consumer’s expectations for safety, speed and convenience change the game for online businesses
  • How adopting a network-based approach to controlling web fraud gives your business a competitive advantage
  • In-depth explanations for how The ThreatMetrix Fraud Network works including the benefits of an Internet-scalable architecture

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