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ThreatMetrix™ Labs provides malware intelligence advisory services to qualified subscribers on an on-going basis with the goal of providing intelligence on the latest capabilities of malware (malicious software) targeting financial institutions, e-commerce and other online businesses. The focus is on the most prominent banking Trojans such as Carberp, Gozi, Zeus, Silentbanker, Mebroot/Torpig/Sinowal, Bankpatch and others.

ThreatMetrix Labs has gained extensive knowledge via its research team into the most sophisticated malware and is constantly analyzing and reverse-engineering Trojans and will provide the results to qualified subscribers in the form of regular in-depth reports. 

Benefits of subscribing to ThreatMetrix Labs include:

  • Receive in-depth analysis and intelligence reports and stay up-to-date with current threats. It’s critical to know what cybercriminals are doing and the direction they are taking to evade detection.
  • Ensure that your defenses are current against evolving attacks.
  • Leverage proven ThreatMetrix industry expertise rather than build a costly internal team.
  • Gain early access to malware and/or intelligence on malicious software targeting your online services.

Interested parties need to complete the form provided here and will be notified that they are qualified to receive ongoing reports. 

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