Fraud Prevention Whitepaper

Protecting Against Advances in Web Fraud

Fraudsters take extreme measures to hide their true identity, location, IP address and machine attributes to avoid getting caught. They use advanced techniques to mask these attributes while conducting fraudulent activities. They also regularly use phishing attacks to fool their victims – your legitimate customers and users – into exposing their account credentials.

The use of VPN servers to hide the network and location of fraudsters’ machines is a major headache for fraud analysts and security researchers. VPN routing lets fraudsters hide the origin of their network traffic, making it impossible for analysts to detect this fraud technique. The inability to detect phishing attacks makes it impossible to react until after a compromised account has been used.

Read this whitepaper to discover:

  • The newest methods fraudsters and hackers use to mask their location and identity
  • How fraudsters successfully launch phishing attacks to acquire credentials
  • New, patented technology to detect the use of VPN servers in real time
  • Innovative solutions to detect phishing and act proactively on compromised accounts

Read this whitepaper - "Protecting Against Advances in Web Fraud" - to learn the latest innovations from ThreatMetrix that help online businesses weed out hidden tricksters and prevent fraud attempts initiated by malicious elements.

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