Combating Cybercrime - A Collective Global Approach

Cybercrime is costly for all online businesses and can no longer be ignored. Well-organized cybercriminals operate in powerful networks that allow them to attack thousands of online businesses using an efficient and scalable model.

One example is the nexus between enterprise data breaches and online fraud. Hackers steal millions of credit cards and identity data to be sold to fraud rings. Using proxies and VPN, the fraud rings launch global fraud attacks from anywhere in the world.

By contrast, online businesses often operate in silos, independent of intelligence gathered from attacks on other business, and challenged by the need to balance fraud detection with reduced friction for true customers.

Read this whitepaper to understand:

  • The evil nexus of data breaches and fraud
  • Tools and technologies used by cybercriminals
  • Why recognizing good customers is essential to combatting fraud
  • How to leverage a global trust intelligence network for a collective cybercrime response

Download this whitepaper, “Combating Cybercrime – A Collective Global Approach”, to understand what your online business needs to combat organized cybercriminals.

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