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Protecting Against Advances in Online Fraud



Hackers and fraudsters are developing ever-more-creative methods such as using VPNs to hide their tracks and mask identities, and phishing to trick online users into revealing online credentials and other personal information. 

You can stay ahead of the cybercriminals by using the right technology and methods. View this on demand webinar and learn the latest ways VPNs and phishing are being used to defraud you and your customers, and how you can detect them in real time with innovative technology from ThreatMetrix. 

View this on demand ThreatMetrix webinar to learn:

  • Why fraudsters and hackers continue to develop new cybercrime techniques
  • How VPNs are used to circumvent fraud prevention systems
  • How phishing attacks use uncompromised devices to target your business
  • New technology to detect and stop these threats in real time


Aarij Khan, Senior Director of Product Marketing, ThreatMetrix, Inc.
Dale Hymes, Senior Director of Security Consulting, ThreatMetrix, Inc.

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