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The Online Fraud Arms Race: Strengthening Defenses Against Escalating Threats



Online fraud is growing in both frequency and sophistication. New Zeus variants and other dangerous forms of malware appear nearly every day, and organized fraudsters and hackers are adapting technology to develop new schemes to subvert your online defenses, defraud your business and expose critical information.

View this webinar to learn the changing trends in the threat landscape, how they defeat outdated defenses, and available technologies to spot zero-day attacks  and more in real time.

View this on demand ThreatMetrix webinar to learn:

  • Research highlighting changing trends in the online threat landscape
  • Case study examples of new attacks and how they can defeat outdated defenses
  • Why meeting the minimum FFIEC guidance may not be enough protection
  • Available technologies to spot zero-day attacks, VPN masking and more in real time


Julie Conroy McNelley, Research Director, Aite Group
Andreas Baumhof, Chief Technology Officer, ThreatMetrix, Inc.

On-Demand Webinar

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